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Our values


Aware that its activities today have an effect on our planet tomorrow, SOMMER mobilizes for over 5 years and places the environment at the heart of its priorities.
In 2011, Sommer is mobilizing further and offers:

100% recyclable event carpets to give a second life to these ephemeral products (see our offer of service recovery / recycling and responsible advantageous)
• residential carpets made from recycled plastic bottles
green carpet made from plants, not oil

In parallel, Sommer seeks to reduce its carbon footprint by seeking solutions to reduce industrial CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


Currently, after each event, miles of carpets are simply thrown in the trash to be later incinerated or buried, which means a heavy contribution to the environment.
Faced with this alarming environmental, Sommer responded by offering alternatives ecologically interesting and recyclable carpets / rugs or'' green'' (collection ECO2Punch).

The objective is to pollute less. This means that all materials used in the manufacture of a product can be recycled after their useful life cycle into a new product.
Thus PP carpets can be recycled in PP granulates used in the manufacture of other items such as furniture or car seats for babies.
As for ecological carpets (PLA), they will be reprocessed to restore the carpet or other objects.

Service offering recovery / recycling and responsible advantageous

While putting in waste conventionnal carpet generates significant treatment costs related to the incineration or landfill, SOMMER  offers economic solutions for recycling from 5000 m².

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Sommer Needlepunch won in November 2010 a CSR Award for its good social and environmental practices. This prize was awarded by the Alliances network that aims to support businesses to improve their performance while respecting the Rights and the Environment.

More on www.alliances.com

Compliance with quality

Sommer is ISO 9001 certified since 2001.
Guarantee of quality and reliability, this certification is the most demanding international and European standards.

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